Content Marketer & Strategist

Hi! Hello, there! 

I am Komal Mansoor, a certified digital marketer with a focus on content strategy for online businesses.

I am also a former journalist and media personality – all rolled into one! 

I help businesses leverage their digital marketing efforts by

creating customer-driven content strategies that convert.

I do this via one-on-one coaching sessions with my clients

to help them build a rock-solid content strategy

that aligns with their business goals and their target audience.

As a content marketing consultant and strategist, I create ROCKING content calendars and plan KICK-ASS content marketing campaigns for my lovely clients. Some of my most popular one-on-one coaching services are:

  • Website Content Strategy
  • Blog Content Strategy
  • Email Marketing Content Strategy
  • Social Media Content Strategy
  • Marketing Campaign Content Strategy

My mission is to create amazing content for businesses which evokes empathy and establishes trust among their target audience.

Be it creating brand awareness or lead generation, my focus is always on creating key messages which resonate with your audience so they can transition from being your potential leads to lifetime advocates of your brand!

Enough said! Let’s get started.

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