10 Tips to Create Killer Blog Content

Do you have a blog and want to create “killer” blog content? Then, these tips and tricks will come in handy:

1- Keep it simple: 

When you write, try to use less “jargons”. Always write in a manner that a layman would understand. You may be an expert on the topic and would like to use “technical terminology” but this will not help in getting your point across to a “broad” audience. For example, avoid using abbreviations such as “TBR” or “ARC” when writing a book review. A fellow book reviewer/a publisher/ an author may be able to understand it but a book reader who just wants to know what the book is about and get an honest review will get confused with those short terms and “jargons”. If you think that using certain jargons will increase the credibility of your post, then make a “Glossary” page for terminology that you use frequently in your posts.

2- Keep it crisp and to-the-point:

Do not aim for extremely lengthy posts. Try to be as concise as possible. Similarly, do not keep dragging a single point to long paragraphs. Put your post in small paragraphs and use bullets or numbering for every new point. It will help the reader in scanning your post easily.

3- Keep it ethical: 

If your blog is about reviews, then analyse the “review product” (e.g. book, movie, song, etc.) thoroughly and objectively, telling the “good” and “bad” points to the readers. Do not use offensive language or abusive slang!

4- Be honest: 

One very effective method: Write from your heart! Yes, I strongly believe that those bloggers who “think” too much to make a post better, may forget to put their “heart” into it. Just write in a sincere tone and the readers will definitely get you! Be frank, straightforward and candid in your approach. Lend a personal touch here and there so readers can associate with you, but that does not mean, that you make the post completely subjective. Give an impartial opinion whenever you post a review of something.

5- Create smart blog post titles:

When I was studying “Journalism” in college, I learned one very important thing: “When writing a title/headline, use 5 W’s: Who, What, Where, When and How”. This means that the title should tell the “gist” of the story. In the case of a blog, the title should emphasise on the “keywords” of the post. Research related topics and also read blog posts by other writers (check out blogs related to your category), to get a better idea of how to write “compelling” and “effective” titles.

6- Edit and Re-edit! 

Once you are done writing, do not hurry to press “Publish”. Check for spelling errors, grammatical and typing mistakes. If you find the sentences too long, shorten them. Look at your post from a critic’s viewpoint and be a little cruel while editing. This will save you from irritating the readers after you publish the post. Do not edit it once, but do it multiple times. The mistakes that might have escaped your eye the first time, will get visible when u read it again and again. For instance, when I write a post, I save it as a “draft” for reading it later. Then, I try to distract my mind and do other stuff and do not think about that post. After a while, when I feel refreshed, I return to my post to read it again for editing, so that my mind is totally clear and fresh to grasp the faults in my post.

7- Variety is the necessary “spice”! 

One essential ingredient in the recipe of “successful blogging” is “variety”. Give your readers a wide platter to choose from and let them select according to their taste! Develop a theme and revolve your new features around that idea. They should be “related” to each other so that your blog makes sense. If you start a blog about food recipes (light stuff) and suddenly start writing about politics (hard-news), it would not match the overall theme of the blog. But, if you put a “diet and fitness” segment, it will add “variety” and also suit the subject of your blog.

8- Interact with your readers/followers: 

“Readers” are the reason you blog. If you write something in your diary and no one else reads it, it’s private. But if you blog about something, you want people to share it and be heard. So, do not forget to make it a “two-way street”. Listen to your reader’s feedback carefully! Try to reply back to their valuable comments. Engage them in a discussion; ask questions, put up a poll! Know your readers, because they are the “secret ingredient” in this recipe!

9- Using “international” frame-of-reference: 

Keep in mind that you are not writing for US audience or for that matter, any region or country specifically. So, avoid using those “words” or “phrases” or even “jokes” which have a “cultural reference” and can only be understood by the people living in a certain part of the globe. Those words with a “religious” or “cultural” context will sound gibberish to the readers who do not know about the thing you are talking about. They may get annoyed, misunderstand it and think of it as rude. If you think that putting a “cultural” reference is the demand of the topic, then“hyperlink” it to Wikipedia, so they can know the meaning and the background before jumping to any conclusions.

10 – Be creative and use visual aid:

Brainstorming will help you get new ideas. Develop them and shape them according to your reader’s needs. The content of the post should be useful and helpful for your readers. Also, aid your ideas with attractive visuals. Make your post appealing and eye-catching with the help of relevant images, pictures, and illustrations. They not only make your blog look stunning but also help the reader understand the topic a little better.

Over to you!

Are you a content writer or blogger? Were these tips helpful for you? Do you want to share your own tips? Let me know your answers in the comment box!

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