Hi! Hello, there! 

I am Komal Mansoor, an independent digital content creator,

copywriter, self-proclaimed blog doctor, 

former journalist and media personality - all rolled into one!

I help businesses leverage their digital marketing efforts by

creating content that converts

using a customer-first approach.

In last 15 years, From being a journalist for international magazines and newspapers (India and Pakistan), an RJ, News Anchor and voice- over artist at Sunrise Radio (UK) to developing brand- building strategies for authors at my other website, I have done it all!

I specialise in creating content for websites, blogs, landing pages, social media posts and email sequences for online businesses.

Scratching your head and thinking…

What the heck does it mean?


It means…

I know how to write long-form content

(ever read those extensive features that run full-page in the newspaper?

Think of that, but for your business blog!)

  • I know how to write short-form crisp copy (self-explanatory, right?)
  • I know how to create compelling content for marketing purposes that is loved by Google as well as your targeted audience!
  • Well, over the years, if there is one thing that I have learned, it is: how to adapt my writing to a specific brand’s tone of voice!

In other words…

I think like a journalist and write like a storyteller when

creating content for marketing purposes.

My content writing for your business means:

journalistic style + white-hat SEO techniques scaling your business into

a full-blown digital empire!

Enough said! Let’s get started.

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