Hi! Hello, there! Welcome to my website!

I am Komal Mansoor, a digital content writer who has 15+ years’ experience in online media.

I know how to write compelling content for marketing purposes and over the years, I have learned how to adapt my writing to a specific brand’s tone of voice.

I am a professional blogger for more than 12 years now and have contributed many articles for numerous blogs and websites while running my own book blog to promote authors.

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Work With Me

Are you a B2B or B2C or a media agency, looking to attract clients like bees to a hive by hiring a copywriter?

A copywriter (Hint: that’s me!) who can produce the right kind of content!

You know, the kind of content that:

  • Provides value

  • Solves your targeted client’s pain points

  • Drives traffic to your website and social media accounts

  • Helps you generate warm leads that convert into sales

Perhaps, you are a creative entrepreneur, solopreneur or mumpreneur running your own digital empire but have no time to produce kick-ass content for your website, landing page or that all-important blog?

Do you need awesome content for your creative business?

Then, look no further because I have got you covered!

What type of content can I write?

  • Blog posts

  • Website copy

  • Product descriptions

  • Lead pages copy

  • Script-writing for podcast or YouTube video

  • E-books and pdf guides

  • Magazine articles, features, columns

  • Social media copy

    Pretty much, anything that involves writing. Feel free to ask if your project requires a specific type of content which I have not listed above. It’s always good to ask, I am just an email away! 😊

    What topics do I cover?

  • Digital Marketing tips, tools, resources

  • Content Marketing tips, tools, resources

  • Blogging tips, tools, resources

  • Social Media tips and tools

  • SEO tips and tricks

  • Entrepreneur tips / creative biz tips

  • Authorpreneur How-to posts

  • Writing tips

  • Parenting

  • Relationships

  • Lifestyle

  • Travel

  • Health

  • Beauty

  • Fashion

  • Entertainment

  • Product Description

  • Interviews


    Still not 100% convinced? Then, scroll down to know why you should hire my services.

    Why hire me?

    Because I provide:

    • Well-researched articles
    • Grammatically correct
    • Proof-read and double-checked for any errors
    • Targeting your ideal clients
    • SEO optimised keywords (not stuffed but used sparingly!)
    • Professional and ethical communication
    • Friendly approach
    • Delivery on time

If these are the qualities you are looking for, in a content writer to take your business and website to the next level, then contact me for a FREE No-Obligation Quote NOW!

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